42% of the population of Kenya are living below the poverty line. Severe droughts have led to food and water shortages leaving many families vulnerable to malnutrition. Thousands of animals have died and left those that rely on them destitute.

Islamic Relief in Kenya

Islamic Relief has been working in Kenya since 1993 by supporting orphans through the orphan sponsorship program.

During the food crisis in 2011 in East Africa we responded through the provision of clean water and food as well as providing essential medical support.

Current projects:

Due to climate change, droughts are becoming increasingly common. Islamic Relief is helping families to reduce the risk of a drought through livelihoods which can survive a lack of water. Offering long-term solutions to hunger in the face of drought:

New crops – most farmers are pastoralists, relying on animals, which cannot survive without water. We will help them to plant crops and vegetables which can survive droughts.

New greenhouses – greenhouses are perfect for growing vegetables in areas without rivers, where water comes from wells and can be transported to the greenhouse. Not only will this help feed Kenyan families, but the surplus vegetables can be sold at the market as a source of income

Protecting livestock from disease – we will vaccinate 360,000 animals against diseases which break out when drought or floods weaken their immune systems, helping them survive future disasters, and help farmers monitor their livestock for illness

New jobs – farming is not the only way to make a living in Kenya – crafts and other items can be produced to sell at the market. These businesses don’t rely on rainfall to survive, so are perfect for drought-stricken Kenya; we will train women and young people in these skills and give them financial support to kick-start their new businesses.

Projects in Kenya