Two wars have torn through Chechnya since the 1990s, destroying its economy and infrastructure – leaving a population impoverished and thousands of people homeless and internally displaced.

Over a decade after the war, many families still do not a have permanent home as they are unable to afford to rebuild the houses that were destroyed during the war.

Winters are harsh and freezing and, to make matters worse, families are in constant fear of activating landmines buried throughout Chechnya.

Islamic Relief in Chechnya

We began work in response to the conflict in 1995 by providing emergency food, clean water, shelter, and medical care to refugees. We support orphans through our sponsorship programme, and we work with the World Food Programme to provide hot meals for schoolchildren to ensure they are healthy enough to benefit from their education.

We also focus on long-term development such as reconstruction of homes and infrastructure and livelihoods programmes. We provide families a chance to be able to support themselves.

Current project: Livestock for livelihoods

In Chechnya, thousands of women were left widowed by two horrific wars. Many of them struggle to support their orphaned children.

There is little opportunity for employment, so Islamic Relief is giving these women a chance…by giving them a cow!

A family receives a pregnant calf, which provides milk and dairy products which are not only eaten by the family, but also sold at the market to earn an income.

Best of all, when the cows give birth, the new calf is given to another family in need, helping them to start earning a living too! This cycle continues, supports multiple families, and helps them to not be reliant upon charity.