can feed a family for a month
can provide a person life-saving access to water during an emergency
can help supply a paediatric unit with ICU and medical essentials
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can help save and transform the lives of those most in need
can help save and transform the lives of those most in need
can help save and transform the lives of those most in need
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A lifeline for communities in crisis 

Islamic Relief aims to be the first on the ground when disaster strikes, providing emergency relief and helping those affected immediately. When floods, droughts or earthquakes happen, we are there. We aim to provide life-saving aid such as food, water, shelter, medicine and other essential items to families who have lost everything.

We also run longer-term projects to support vulnerable communities, helping to build resilience and lift families out of poverty. We help communities to better protect themselves against recurrent challenges such as drought and floods, and we provide life changing services such as healthcarewater, sanitation and hygiene. Our livelihoods and education projects empower people to escape poverty and build brighter futures.

Image: Children benefit from Islamic Relief’s water project in Yemen.

Those most in need receive support 

Our ‘Where Most Needed’ fund helps ensure we have the means needed to support those in desperate need of help.

Close to the communities we serve, we work hard to understand their culture and needs and gain their trust. Our proximity means we can often work in areas that other organisations cannot access and that we’re well-placed to identify those most in need or at risk.

Many of our vital projects across the globe are unable to take place or progress without sufficient funds. Our ‘Where Most Needed’ fund helps ensure that we have the support available for the most urgent and beneficial projects.

By donating to Where Most Needed, you are helping to support some of the world’s most vulnerable members and those most in need of help. 

Through all of our projects, our aim is to provide a lifeline for those in need, to help lift communities out of poverty, and empower them to become self-reliant.

Image: Flood-affected family in Pakistan outside their new home constructed with the support of Islamic Relief.

A global presence and vast impact

Established in 1984, we now work in over 45 countries helping individuals, families and communities through emergency response and development projects.

One of the world’s largest relief and development charities, to date we have helped over 145 million vulnerable people worldwide.

The high quality and impact of our work to support vulnerable communities was recognised at the Third Sector Awards in 2022, where we received the ‘Charity of the Year’ Award. We’re also among only 5 UK-based charities to have been certified against the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS). As full members of the INGO Accountability Charter, our excellence in transparency, good governance and social responsibility is recognised.

Please donate to Where Most Needed to allow us to continue our vital work around the world and transform the lives of those in desperate need. Your support is a lifeline for the communities we serve. 

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