Mohammad, 61, Herat, Afghanistan

Mohammad escaped armed conflict and drought from his home province and sought refuge in a camp in Herat.

Both of his sons were killed as armed conflicts plagued his region. He now lives with, and looks after, his three grandchildren.


Over the last year his life and the lives of his grandchildren have been made more difficult as the security situation deteriorates. The additional misery of recent drought has hindered his ability to farm, his farmlands had dried up and he could no longer feed his grandchildren.

They would often sleep without having had any dinner, with no other method to generate income they were forced to move to Herat in order to seek out work there.

The winters in Herat are bitterly cold as it frequently snows and rains. Mohammad and his grandchildren became sick as they had didn’t not have adequate shelter, nor any money to pay for treatments. They would sleep in a tent made partly from mud and partly from plastic.

Your Zakat has helped them with shelter.

Islamic Relief was able to provide this family with a special tent to withstand the bitter cold of winter. His family now have a more dignified and warmer place to live. Mohammad said,

“Now we have place that we can peacefully rest. My grandsons and I are very glad and would like to thank you for helping us.”

Your Zakat has changed their lives.

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