Saturday July 17, 2021

This Eid al-Adha, some of the world’s poorest families will receive an uplifting gift: your qurbani. For them, your sacrifice brings happiness as well as relief from hunger – and a reminder that others are thinking of them during the holy days. Over 3 million vulnerable people received qurbani meat distributed by Islamic Relief last year, thanks to your generosity. Among them was 24-year old Sarudzai from Malawi.

“We depend on farming to survive; we grow things crops and sell them to earn money. However, the money is not enough to cater for all our needs, so I also do other work to support our family. I collect sand which I then sell and earn some money from that.

“We rarely have meat in our diet, we even struggle to buy soap, so meat is not a priority for us. We only have meat when a visitor comes to visit us and if they get tired of our vegetables, we will try to buy some meat then. We wish we could have meat regularly and not be embarrassed when a visitor comes, but our pockets will not allow this at this time.

“I have four children and I understand that meat is beneficial for their bodies. It is nutritious and food for their growth. I try to get these nutrients from other places as we do not have the option to buy meat.

“If I am honest, we are not fully comfortable with the life we live. Our main challenge is to have enough money to buy fertiliser, so we can stop getting a low yield of crops; this is why we only eat once a day. I also worry about the children’s health because we cannot ever afford to get medical assistance.

“For me, qurbani is a symbol of love. The animal is sacrificed, and the meat is shared and that is a loving thing to do. My family and I will have some meat, something which we never expected, and we are so happy because of this”, says Sarudzai.

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