Tuesday April 19, 2022

In Gaza we help vulnerable families to create new livelihoods so they can be self-sufficient. Raed was previously unemployed and unable to support his family. Now he works as a beekeeper on the new farm that he was able to set up with support from Islamic Relief.  

“Sometimes I didn’t even have one shekel. Then I applied to take part in Islamic Relief’s project, and I was selected to receive funding for a project to help develop my income. I chose beekeeping, and after receiving several training courses I was ready to go”, says Raed.  

“Beekeeping has provided me with a regular source of income that covers most of my family’s needs. The siege of Gaza is the main reason that there is a lack of job opportunities. It’s also meant that I struggle to manage my bees because many beekeeping items and equipment are not allowed to enter Gaza.  

“I enjoy beekeeping and producing honey. When it is time to harvest the honey, I filter it, package it, and sell it at a price that local people can afford. Having this source of income has brought stability and security, and helps keep a roof over my family’s heads.  

“Thank you so much to all the donors and Islamic Relief staff. You have helped me so much and I hope that you will continue projects in Gaza so that other people in need can be reached too”, he says

This Ramadan you can help us reach even more vulnerable people. Use the power that Allah has given you to help save lives and lift people out of poverty. Donate today.

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