Monday December 28, 2015

Support for Refugees Reaching Macedonia

As night-time temperatures in Macedonia start to fall, Islamic Relief has been distributing items to refugees.

Islamic Relief launched its Mediterranean Refugee Crisis appeal in August. The complex crisis in Syria means refugees are fleeing their home country to find safety. Many have undertaken perilous journeys in an attempt to find safety in Europe, with more than one million arriving in Europe in 2015. According to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, from mid-July to mid-September, more than 62,500 refugees have passed through Macedonian territory, and during the week of August 24, 3,000 people crossed the Macedonian-Greek border every day. Nearly 3,700 people are known to have died trying to cross the Mediterranean in an attempt to reach Europe. Islamic Relief is offering support to those arriving in Europe. On December 21, our staff distributed 450 food packs, 50 blankets, 30 warm coats for adults, 20 nappy packs for children, 31 sanitary towels for women, 50 pairs of gloves and warm socks and 50 hats. To date, Islamic Relief has distributed around 29,000 food packs, 4,800 blankets, more than 2,000 nappies, more than 2,290 sanitary towels and around 600 warm coats to refugees coming into Macedonia. We are also responding to the crisis in Greece, Italy, Germany, Sweden and Serbia.

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