Tuesday August 9, 2016

“She screamed a scream that made my heart ache”

Um Osama fled her home with her family to what she thought was a safe area. Tragically, the field that the family fled to was bombed, and she lost her daughter. She also suffered multiple injuries requiring treatment.

“I took my kids to agricultural land where I could guarantee safety. As soon as we sat down an aircraft bombed the place She screamed a scream that made my heart ache. Then her body dropped dead in my hands. That is how I see Syria now. That’s our country that we used to live in. It was a horrible night. The military aircraft was above us, we heard voices of explosive barrels and rockets that were falling everywhere around us, I did not know where to go. I took my kids and went to an agricultural land near the outskirts of the village to search for a place where I could guarantee safety for my little children. As soon as we sat under one of the olive trees an aircraft bombed the place with cluster bombs. My little daughter died and my children and I were injured. Some people took us to the nearest field hospital. We received first aid and then we were transferred to a hospital in the countryside of Idlib. Thanks to Allah that my children were cured of their injuries. I was paralysed. I had a lot of surgeries, but I cannot walk without crutches. My hip was broken by shrapnel. It’s been a year since I was injured and in order to conduct some surgeries and reconstructive procedures to my feet, I have periodical visits to Akrbhat hospital near the Syrian-Turkish border. Here, they provide me with all the surgeries, treatments and medicines that they have. Unfortunately the need is great here. There are a lot of injured civilians – victims of the aerial bombardment. They lost their limbs and have broken joints. The cases here make your heart ache. I hope that Islamic Relief will keep supporting these hospitals with whatever they can. Please provide medicines, medical items, equipment and artificial limbs and joints. The people here are poor and unable to buy medicine or afford treatment. Om Usama is currently living with her children in one of the camps in the countryside of Idlib.

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