Why Gaza needs our help

Over the last two weeks conflict has once again escalated with the people of Gaza experiencing consecutive nights of airstrikes.

Decades after the conflict first began, life remains precarious for many Palestinians. Economic development has been stifled by political instability, constant conflict, and the continuation of blockades in Gaza. To support Gaza, we’re building livelihoods and providing crucial health care.

Almost 30% of the population across the Palestinian Territories live below the national poverty line. Amongst a population of around 4.6 million people, hundreds of thousands of families are struggling with economic hardship. Your donations can provide Gaza help – Donate Now and deliver Gaza aid.


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can provide a family with food for a month
can provide urgent medicines and medical supplies
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Donate to the Gaza Appeal

Islamic Relief has been working in Gaza since 1994 providing vital support to vulnerable communities through donations towards our Gaza relief fund. Our work in Gaza is focused around food distribution, and addressing urgent health needs. Your support for Gaza will enable our teams to deliver medical supplies and equipment including medicines, disposable items, medical kits and food for patients and medical staff. Donate money to Gaza and help save lives now.

How you can help Gaza

With ongoing conflict in the region, our teams remain on the ground ready to help Gaza and provide lifesaving medical care in areas where the health system is already short in resources.

You can support Gaza’s health system, which is under severe pressure due to ongoing staff shortages and lack of medical supplies, by donating to our Gaza charity appeal.

With around half the population across the Palestinian Territories in need of humanitarian aid and water, and electricity shortages across Gaza, we’re working to support communities in need across the region. Donate towards our Gaza relief fund and help save lives.

How Islamic Relief is helping in Gaza

Islamic Relief has a longstanding presence in Gaza supporting vulnerable communities. We’re focusing on priority health needs, namely the provision of medical supplies and equipment including medicines, disposable items, medical kits and food for patients and medical staff.

Should the conflict escalate further and people become displaced, we will be supporting affected households and internally displaced people, by providing food, hygiene kits and other essential non-food items.

Across the region, we’ve been instrumental in the reconstruction of the Palestine Avenir Centre, working with children living with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, and are now working to support the local health care system.

We’re ready to respond by supporting hospitals in order to improve their preparedness to help save as many lives as possible should any further emergency erupt.

By supporting both medical staff and households across Gaza, we’re working to support as many people in crisis as possible.

Donate Now and help save lives.

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