Tuesday June 14, 2016

Ramadan used to be different at home

Zakareya Ali is a Syrian refugee who left Syria in 2012 after the bombardment has intensified near his home in Al-Raqqa. He left with his wife and children and sought refuge in one of the refugee camps in Bekaa.

Um Alaa manages to make ends meet through wages brought home from her husband, who works as a hospital technician, and through support from Islamic Relief, which sponsors the girls. “We registered the girls with Islamic Relief, and they have continued to remember us,” she said. “For many years now, we haven’t needed to go and ask for help. Islamic Relief comes to us and says ‘here is your portion of meat’ for example. We don’t have to ask, and this is important for the dignity of the two girls.

Keeps them smiling

“I thank Islamic Relief donors for their support. Their kindness keeps my girls smiling, and gives them hope even after the loss of their father.” The family manages to put aside money to eat meat at least once a month, and sometimes they are able to have it once a week. They buy frozen meat because it is cheaper than fresh meat. Korban food packs are the only time the family eats fresh meat.

Looking Forward to Eid

“It’s hard for the girls to watch other boys and girls enjoying Eid with their parents,” said Um Alaa. “Their father was killed two years ago. We still celebrate Eid though and we look forward to having fresh meat from Islamic Relief as it tastes better. We like it when Islamic Relief staff come and interact with the girls as well.” The money given in orphan sponsorship pays for the girls’ stationery, school uniforms and sometimes extra clothing. “They go to government schools and are hopeful that they will rise up and be successful in their lives,” Um Alaa added. Islamic Relief makes sure your Korban goes to the families who need it most. Remember people like Um Alaa, Rawda and Farah this Eid.

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