Sunday September 10, 2023

A strong aftershock has hit communities already reeling from Morocco’s worst earthquake in decades, a disaster now known to have taken over 2,000 lives.

The aftershock, with a magnitude of 3.9, shook the already devastated High Atlas mountains area today (10 September). It is currently unclear if it caused any further damage to buildings already unstable after Friday’s powerful quake.

The death toll climbed to 2,000 today, but it is feared that the actual number of fatalities is much higher: a staggering 2,000 people are estimated to have died in a single town, Amizmiz.

In many isolated mountain communities at the epicentre of the disaster, residents face an agonising wait for help. Exhausted ambulance and rescue workers are working around the clock to reach them, but are hampered by blocked roads, large distances, and the threat of landslides.

Families have lost everything

In villages, towns and cities across the region, terrified and traumatised families face a third night of sleeping in the open, too afraid to seek shelter. Many have lost their homes, and are in urgent need of tents and other essential survival items.

The World Health Organisation estimates that 300,000 people have been affected by the disaster, the deadliest to strike Morocco in over 60 years.

Islamic Relief has launched a €12.5million appeal to help earthquake survivors, and has sent an emergency team to the area. We are assessing the most critical needs and identifying local humanitarian organisations we can work with to deliver vital aid.

You can help survivors of this devastating earthquake: donate to the Morocco Earthquale Appeal

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