Kosamu, 80, lives with his wife and 3 grandchildren in rural Malawi, where the family is struggling to make ends meet.

“Because of my age, I am not able to do any kind of work. I now rely on my wife, who is sacrificing a lot for the family,” says Kosamu, explaining that his wife often finds work collecting water for construction sites or farming.

“I really wish that I had a plan for my family that included meat in our diet, but it is gold to us – so rare to find. To be honest, we don’t eat meat except during Islamic festivals when it is given out by well-wishers.

“Meat is so expensive that the majority of the rural community cannot afford to buy it – we don’t even make enough to buy a quarter of a kilo.”

Kosamu’s wife and grandson prepare meat from Islamic Relief’s qurbani food distribution

Kosamu’s family was one of millions affected by Cyclone Freddy, which swept across Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar in February and March 2023.

The storm destroyed part of Kosamu’s home, leaving the family of 5 sharing just one room.

“It is very uncomfortable to live and sleep in that small room and we don’t know how long we’re going to be living like this. We don’t even dream of rebuilding because we don’t have the means.”

Ongoing support after disaster

Every year, Islamic Relief distributes meat parcels to vulnerable families in Malawi and across the world to help ease their burden and celebrate Eid al-Adha. For families affected by Cyclone Freddy, last year’s distribution was particularly meaningful.

“Eid is a time of celebration for us, thanking Allah for all His mercies. People choose to celebrate in different ways, some buy new clothes and eat special food. For us, we live just like any other day, eating the same food and wearing the usual clothes,” Kosamu says.

“Receiving meat today from Islamic Relief means so much, it guarantees us food for the next 4-5 days. We will also preserve it by drying it so that we are able to keep it for more days. As a family, we are very grateful to be considered. This means a lot to us.

For families like Kosamu’s, Islamic Relief’s Qurbani parcels remove the burden of obtaining healthy, nutritious food during Eid al-Adha. Please help us to reach even more families in need. Give Qurbani .

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