Wednesday December 15, 2021

It has been a difficult year for many people. The Covid pandemic continues to rage, and normal life has not yet returned. Difficulties faced by vulnerable people internationally and also throughout Ireland are magnified during the winter months.

Islamic Relief Ireland are an integral part of the Irish community. We are fully committed to easing the burden upon the needy nationally as well as internationally regardless of ethnicity, gender or creed.

Throughout these challenging times and more intensively over the winter months we have increased our involvement in local projects and domestic engagements and in forming strategic alliances.

Our approach is to support, assist, and participate alongside existing organisations that have proven experience and expertise to collaborate in providing key benefits to local communities in a professional, targeted, kind and compassionate way.

While our primary focus domestically remains upon poverty alleviation for homeless people and supports for refugees we also engage in environmental initiatives, have reached out to HSE staff during the Covid pandemic and have undertaken toy drives for child hospital inpatients and for refugee children.

We are continually developing, cultivating and enhancing cooperative alliances to maximise our help for vulnerable people both in Ireland as well as abroad.

Islamic Relief Staff and volunteers cleaning up a stretch of the Grand Canal, Dublin.

Our most recent domestic engagements include the following:


We sourced, packed, and provided 160 Islamic Relief Ireland goodie bags to the Muslim Sisters of Éire group for their annual teddy bears’ picnic for local children.



As part of our Winter is Coming Campaign, we provided the local homeless outreach group People Helping Homeless with 50, 2-person pop-up tents, 50 Winter grade sleeping bags and 50 Foil Backed Roll Mats for distribution to rough sleeping homeless people living in dire circumstances throughout the Dublin suburbs.



We cooperated with the Clean Madina Environmental Organisation in arranging a large group of Islamic Relief Ireland volunteers to work alongside The Grand Canal Action Group in cleaning up a stretch of the Grand Canal sited in South Central Dublin City. Bags, litter picking equipment and waste disposal was facilitated by the local City Council.


Between 19/10/21 and 28/10/21

Our staff and volunteers along with the People Helping Homeless outreach group provided food, drinks, clothing, tents, sleeping bags, roll mats and takeaway hygiene, winter, and food packs to homeless sleepers in Dublin’s Northside and City Centre areas.


18/11/21 and 24/11/21

Delivered 60 Winter Grade sleeping bags, 60 Foil Backed Roll Mats and 100 Emergency Foil Blankets for Dublin homeless people to the Muslim Sisters of Éire with the assistance of Islamic Relief Ireland volunteers.


Today I like to thank Islamic Relief for supporting Tasnuva Shamim Foundation Ireland for Homeless activities. I hope we can serve over 1000 people what they have donated. Today at Musgrave … Islamic Relief have paid the bill to support our homeless service at the GPO.

Shamim from the TSFI, December 2nd 2021.


Islamic Relief Ireland strive to help people in need at home and abroad. We sincerely thank our donors, volunteers and fellow concerned groups that help us to do so. Winter in Ireland can be very cold and bitter, we would like to help as many people as we can.

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