Dreams Shattered by War

Nearly 830,000 are four years old or younger. They have only known life in conflict. Older children have lost years of education, shattering their dreams, and destroying hope for the future of both their family and country. Many children are so distraught by everything they have seen and experienced that they have retreated into themselves, and when they live in sodden tents, struggle to find enough food to eat, and have lost loved ones, how can they even begin to think about dreams and ways to achieve them?

Islamic Relief is supporting children in difficult circumstances

In addition to the emergency aid, which reached over 5 million people in 2015, such as medical equipment, family food packs and shelter, that we have delivered in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq, benefiting millions; we are also supporting children to keep alive their dreams. To date, we have provided thousands of child refugees arriving in Lebanon with specific activities to help them overcome the mental trauma that they have suffered, whether through group activities, coping mechanisms or one-to-one counselling. Additionally we are helping thousands of children with their education needs, such as materials and books in Lebanon and Jordan. With your help, we can help children hold on to their dreams – little by little, and piece by piece.




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