Tuesday August 6, 2019

Nearly 164,800 people in Mali benefited from our distribution of qurbani meat last Eid al-Adha. Among them was disabled mother of two Aminata.


Islamic Relief has been running qurbani programmes for over 30 years. Already working in some of the most vulnerable communities on the planet, we know who most needs the joy your qurbani can bring this Eid.


“I am the only one here to take care of my family,” says the 36-year old, describing her efforts to earn a living selling traditional medicines.

People with a disability really struggle [in Mali]. It is difficult to get around as there are no suitable roads. I live with my two daughters in a single room. We have no electricity, no water, no kitchen and no toilet.

“I struggle to get water and my children are too young to help. I rely on people to bring me water and sometimes it is not easy to find someone to help us.

“I find it very difficult to meet all my children’s needs and most of the time I cannot give them enough meals every day. Sometimes my neighbours share some of their food with us.”

One of Aminata’s daughters is sponsored through Islamic Relief. The regular stipend she receives through our sponsorship scheme helps, but eating meat is an unaffordable luxury.

I don’t remember the last time we ate meat. My children and I can go for many months without even having a small piece of meat. The cost for one kilogramme of meat is more than what I would earn in an entire week!

“My children need some meat to grow up healthy and strong,” says Aminata, adding that the family spent “many Eids without eating meat” before they began receiving qurbani through Islamic Relief in 2017.

So as the holy days approached last year, the family were once again looking forward to a special treat: their qurbani meat pack.

“My children are so happy ever since we started receiving meat from Islamic Relief.

I would like to thank Islamic Relief and its generous donors. Without them I would be begging now. May Allah bless you all.”

Aminata cooks some of the 4kg of qurbani beef that they received last year.

Send the gift of qurbani with Islamic Relief

Qurbani costs vary by country, so we offer four options starting at just €60. Simply pick a group and we’ll make sure your qurbani gets to those who need it most:

  • Group A – €60
    Chad, Malawi, Mali, Niger, Somalia
  • Group B – €90
    Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan
  • Group C – €190
    Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh (refugees from Myanmar), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chechnya (Russian Federation), India, Kosova, South Africa, Syria, the Philippines, Tunisia, Yemen
  • Group D – €300
    Gaza (Occupied Palestinian Territories), Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey (refugees from Syria)

Give the gift of joy to a family like Ayed’s. Give Qurbani with Islamic Relief now.

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