Tuesday July 5, 2022

Following more than 11 years of crisis in Syria, many families exist on a precipice: forced to flee their homes, without any opportunity to earn a living and facing a daily struggle to feed their families. The crisis has left many vulnerable families wholly dependent on humanitarian assistance for their survival.

Abu Fawaz used to have a business growing and selling fruit. Now he and his wife, their son and daughter and orphaned grandson live together in a small room made of mud in a camp in Idlib. The children have no access to education. The health situation in their camp remains precarious. Abu Fawaz fondly remembers the happiness and pleasure of Eid al-Adha in years gone by.

“Before the war, we used to go to the Eid prayer and the Eid Takbir, visit relatives and celebrate with them, and then return to make our sacrifices and distribute them to relatives and neighbours.”

Yet following years of insecurity and hardship, the opportunity to eat meat now arises only through qurbani distributed by charities like Islamic Relief.

“The possibility of buying lamb meat is a dream for us, we live in a very difficult state of poverty.”

Abu Fawaz cooking qurbani meat for his family

Soaring rates of malnutrition and little access to healthcare

An unprecedented number of Syrian children now face soaring rates of malnutrition. Abu Fawaz’s family are no exception.

“My children have become weak and emaciated.”

Islamic Relief provides food baskets and qurbani meat distributions to displaced people in the camps in Idlib. Despite the daily hardship and pain of witnessing his family suffer, Abu Fawaz remains grateful for this support and determined to one day rebuild their lives.

“Now, thank God, my children have eaten and are satisfied… I hope to live a decent life and return home to get rid of this miserable life we endure in this camp.”

Alhamdulillah, last year alone your donations enabled us to provide quality meat to over 3.4 million vulnerable people, including in Syria. In 2022, qurbani distributions will aim to reach more people than ever before.

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