There are few things in life more beautiful than putting a smile on a child’s face.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was known for his kindness and affection towards children. He often played with his children and grandchildren, and he would shorten his prayers if he heard a child cry.

Even with all the medical advancements that we now have at our disposal tens of thousands of children are affected with serious illnesses all over Ireland.

Tallaght Hospital is one of Ireland’s largest acute teaching hospitals, providing child-health, adult, psychiatric and age-related healthcare on one site.

This Eid you can help put a smile on a sick child’s face. We want to provide as many toys as we can to children currently at the hospital.

You can do this by donating  to our Big Eid Toy Appeal or by donating a  brand new, packaged toy* to Islamic Relief. Your donations will make a difference to every single child reached.

(*Due to health and safety reasons we cannot take in toys that are not brand new and packaged)

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