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Bangladesh floods: Communities in Sylhet and Sunamganj have been deluged

Heavy monsoon rains over the past few days have led to rivers bursting their banks, cutting off around 2 million people in northeast Bangladesh. Many families are stranded and could run out of food within days.

Communities in low-lying areas in Sylhet and Sunamganj have been deluged. Homes and schools as well as vital infrastructure such as power supply lines, water sources and roads are all damaged or underwater. Many people have been affected by floods for the second time in a month, after severe flooding also struck the region in mid-May.

Shabel Firuz (Head of Asia, Islamic Relief Worldwide) says:

“Many people are out of food and others will run out in the coming days. As markets are flooded and not operating, people have nowhere to buy supplies, so it’s urgent that aid gets through to them.

“People’s houses have been damaged, washed away or completely covered in the flood water. Thousands of people are looking to make their way to flood shelters where they will need a lot of support. Islamic Relief’s office in Sylhet and the homes of some our staff have also been flooded.”

Your donation can help save lives, please donate now.

Vital infrastructure has been destroyed

When floods strike, vulnerable children, women, men, and elders are cut off from life-saving medicine, vital communication, and transport. Thousands of toilets and tube wells have already been destroyed, and without adequate sanitation and shelter, many are even more vulnerable to the spread of disease.

Without vital aid and intervention, so many will continue to suffer beyond the crisis. Hundreds of educational institutions have either been closed, or submerged by the devastating floods – the future of education for so many is now at risk or gone completely.

What’s more, the looming of an ongoing global hunger crisis which has already engulfed parts of the world threatens to worsen the unfolding situation in Bangladesh. The department of Agricultural Extension’s district office confirms that the rising water levels have destroyed tens of thousands of hectares of seedbeds and summer vegetables. The people of the region may now face starvation without our help, please donate now.


Bangladesh floods: Islamic Relief teams are responding

You have the power to prevent the further suffering of those facing the floods in Bangladesh right now. Islamic Relief has been working in Bangladesh for over 30 years, and is responding now. As well as hiring boats to reach stranded people, we will be distributing food, water purification and hygiene items.

By donating to our Bangladesh Floods Appeal, you can provide a lifeline to the thousands of children, women, men, and elders who without our help, will face a life without their fundamental needs, let alone their livelihoods, homes and precious belongings.

Please donate now and help save lives.

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