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The changing of the seasons can be a challenging for all of us, especially the most vulnerable among us. With energy and food prices rocketing, more and more people have been pushed into poverty.

The United Nations has estimated that, since the pandemic, an additional 75 million people may have been pushed into living in extreme poverty by the end of the year. The overall number of people living in extreme poverty could reach 800 million this year.

For these people, winter’s plummeting temperatures and harsh weather means an ever-greater struggle for survival.

A struggle to feed themselves, a struggle to keep warm, a struggle to keep safe, and a struggle to live.

However, there is hope.

By donating to Islamic Relief’s Winter Appeal, you can help people in need across the globe. You can save lives.

Last year, through your generous support, we provided winter kits to more than 435,000 people in 17 countries. Kits contain vital survival items such as warm clothes, blankets, and heaters.

This winter, more people than ever before are in desperate need – so Islamic Relief is determined to reach even more individuals. This year we will provide over 72,000 winter kits supporting over 455,000 people in 17 countries.

Please help vulnerable families survive this season: give generously to our Winter Appeal.

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