can feed a family for the month of Ramadan
can provide four people with medical treatment through a mobile health clinic in Jordan
can provide an essential hygiene kit to four families living in conflict
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Over the last 40 years, together with your support, we have saved and transformed the lives of over 120 million people, Alhamdulillah!

For four decades, we have been trusted by our loyal donors to transform your Zakat, your Sadaqah, and all of your time and giving into the most effective tools to fight poverty.

We have remained authentic to our cause in serving Allah (SWT) and are proud to represent the Muslim community and beyond in facilitating their sacred duties to one another.

After 40 years, we know how transformative even just one donation can be, but only Allah (SWT) knows the true scale of this benefit and of the reward that awaits all those who have supported or carried out our crucial work.

Together with you, everything we do is for the sake of Allah. It is Allah (SWT) who has made the Islamic Relief legacy possible, you have all been chosen to help us save or change someone’s life for the better.

Support our life-saving work and donate your Zakat and Sadaqah for the sake of Allah.

Trusted to deliver since 1984

Islamic Relief’s faith-based identity is at the heart of everything we do. Since 1984, our Islamic faith and the teachings of the Qur’an have guided our approach to providing ground-breaking relief and development work.

We have been supporting rightsholders in over 40 countries worldwide, just like we have been with every major disaster since 1984, delivering food, water and emergency relief in the most effective way possible, to those in desperate need.

We hope you will continue supporting our life-saving work with your donations, to support more people like Ihsan, who during the blessed month of Ramadan, experienced a miraculous recovery in her daughter’s health, Alhamdulillah.

I managed to get through the most difficult times of my life because of Allah (SWT) and generous Islamic Relief supporters like you. Today, Roa is walking and eating again. Her speech is improving every day too. Through Allah (SWT) and with your support she’s defied the doctors’ expectations! Alhamdulillah. May Allah gather us in Jannah, so, that we may eat the fruits of Jannah together.

Ihsan (Roa’s mum)

Saving and transforming lives for the sake of Allah

Our positive impact to vulnerable families and communities is only possible with the permission, mercy, and generosity of Allah (SWT), and the unwavering support of our loyal donors. Here are some of the ways you can support your brothers and sisters in need around the world, for the sake of Allah.

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