Monday January 5, 2015

A Change in Life After Winter Flooding

Taghrid Ruhmy and her 11 family members live at Zaytoun Neighbourhood of Gaza has had her home was overwhelmed with rain water. “I was invited for a meeting at Islamic Relief in Gaza where I received the good news of having my home listed among houses to be renovated by Islamic Relief.” Taghrid expressed with a big smile, “I could not believe at the beginning but when Islamic Relief confirmed this news I was extremely happy to a level that I was about to faint of joy.” Last year, hundreds of homes, particularly those located in low land level were overwhelmed with rain water after a storm hit the Gaza Strip, Palestine. Homes especially those for deprived families could not cope with the flooding and all their properties ruined. “The next day after the meeting, engineers and workers came to the house to check how they will improve it. Within days, we started to see the change in our home. It’s becoming more comfortable and more ready for the next winter so we cannot drown in rain water anymore.” Taghrid continued, “Now it’s a clean house with proper kitchen, organized rooms, toilets with enough water, new tiles and lovely colours.” “What I like about my new home is the relation and kindness of Islamic Relief staff who checked with us every step they made in the house. This is very respecting to our privacy and our dignity.” Taghrid added, “They gave us confidence and made our home more livable.” Taghrid recalls, “In the past, our home was damaged and had poor facility for water and sanitation. The flooding that happened last winter caused a big pool of water in the middle of the house, it became inhabitable and we hardly escaped from drowning. I was hoping for some small assistance but Alhamdulillah now we have a big change in our home with a proper home, place for study, comfort and a decent life.” Islamic Relief has been working in Gaza, Palestine since 1994 and have been responding to the numerous emergencies that have occurred during this time, most recently the conflict of 2014.

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