can contribute towards a cash grants for one household to purchase essentials for one month
can provide psychosocial support to 6 children affected by conflict
can help repair a home severely damaged by airstrikes
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Palestine: At least 240 killed in airstrikes

Having once again faced a dangerous escalation in violence, with hundreds killed in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, including 66 children, and more than 1,900 people wounded. Islamic Relief condemns all violence against civilians and calls for respect for international humanitarian law. With a ceasefire now in place, Islamic Relief teams are working tirelessly to support the thousands of Palestinians affected.

Save Palestine – our sisters and brothers across Palestine right now are suffering from violent attacks.

Thousands of lives and homes across Gaza have been destroyed by the bombing. Initial assessments in Gaza show more than 13,500 homes have been destroyed or damaged by bombing, and at least 50 schools and 17 health facilities have been damaged.

After many years of conflict, Palestinians still feel unsafe in their own country. The economy has been damaged by political instability and constant conflict. The blockades cause chaos on a daily basis.

Aftermath of airstrikes in Gaza, Palestine

Palestine Emergency: Islamic Relief’s response

Islamic Relief teams are providing emergency medical assistance, bedding, food vouchers and other essential aid to displaced families and those most in need. A donation of €120 can provide emergency medical operations.

Islamic Relief is calling for international aid to support rebuilding damaged infrastructure, strengthening health and electricity networks and providing psychosocial support.

What can you do to help Palestine?

A third of the people in Palestine live below the poverty line. Thousands of families are struggling with financial hardship. Your donations can provide Palestine with the help it needs. Donate now and help save Palestine.

Allah (SWT) tells us in the Holy Qur’an:

“Not a leaf falls but that He knows it.” [Al An’am, 6:59]

With your support Islamic Relief can provide emergency medical assistance to those struggling due to ongoing conflict. Will you help them?

Families purchasing food at a supermarket in Gaza using food vouchers provided by Islamic Relief

We’ve been working in Palestine since 1997 providing life-saving emergency aid and crucial nutritional, educational and psychosocial support to families in the region. Yet this is only possible with your ongoing support.

With your help, we can provide urgent medical assistance to Palestinians. 

Please donate today and help save Palestine.

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