Emergency Relief

“Whoever saves the life of one, it is as if he saved the whole of mankind”

(Qur’an 5:32)

Islamic Relief aims to be the first on the ground when an emergency strikes.

First on the ground

Islamic Relief aims to be the first on the ground when an emergency strikes, helping those affected immediately. 

When droughts, earthquakes or floods happen we will be there providing life-saving supplies to people who have lost everything.

We not only save lives, we rebuild them – we even stay after situations have calmed and help people rebuild their lives.

We don’t even stop there – where people are affected by the same disasters repeatedly, we work towards reducing the risk of a disaster to potential victims.

In countries like Bangladesh, which suffers from regular flooding, we raise houses on plinths so the water doesn’t reach homes and destroy them, thereby protecting communities for years to come.

On the other hand, in drought-stricken countries like Niger, we build long-lasting wells and plant crops which can survive in dry weather so families won’t face starvation.

Emergency relief projects